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Movies are my passion. Film critic, film student and journalist watching anything and everything I can.
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  • Tom & Jerry

    Tom & Jerry


    The old “Tom and Jerry” cartoons have always been reliable favorites of mine since a young age, so a feature length film of the classic duo was anticipated, especially for how long it took to get one. Unfortunately, this new “Tom and Jerry” film is a depressingly bad mishmash of underdeveloped ideas, lazy writing and kindergarten-style execution of a threadbare plot that makes no sense. Included in the film is a weird over-reliance on rap music that somehow all sounds…

  • Flora & Ulysses

    Flora & Ulysses


    Everything seems like it’s constructed on autopilot, from the performances that look like everyone is bored, a truly laughably bad script and lackluster direction. The very beginning features several Marvel characters in their comic forms for some reason and you mean to tell me this wasn’t a surprise Squirrel Girl movie? Seems like a huge bag fumble to me.

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  • I Care a Lot

    I Care a Lot


    “My name is Marla Grayson and I am no lamb. I'm a fucking lioness.“

    A slick, devilish little film that packs the punch of a thousand fists. It’s a damning, effective critique on the affects of capitalism in all the right ways, while managing to be an entertaining, wildly intense thriller as well. Rosamund Pike is as icy and wicked as ever in her best role since Gone Girl. You know when she’s rocking that blonde bob, she’s going to…

  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


    “That person who helps others simply because it should or must be done, and because it is the right thing to do, is indeed without a doubt, a real superhero.”

    Gonna try to keep this one a little short to prevent me from rambling on about how perfect this thing is but just know every positive thing I’m sure you’ve already heard about this is 110% true. It’s a full on masterpiece and I am absolutely comfortable calling it that…