Arrival ★★★★½

"Now that's a proper introduction."

  Arrival is truly something else. There hasn't been a sci-fi film like this in YEARS. It's philosophical, interesting, intelligent and extremely thought provoking. Amy Adams commands the screen as Dr. Louise Banks and she delivers one of her very best performances. She's a force to be reckoned with lately and she. brings her A game with this one. I would love to go super in depth about this plot and all it's mechanisms, but I definitely don't want to spoil anything. This is a film that you need to go and see in the theater to fully experience it and form your thoughts on the story and it's deep meanings. I won't get into anything, but i'll just say you need to see the film. The execution is flawless, the writing is whip smart and progressive. The directing by Denis Villeneuve again cements him as one of the most original and brilliant directors we have working today. All the films i've seen of his have been incredible and have topped my best list at the end of the year and Arrival is destined to do the very same. I saw this film a few days ago and really haven't stopped thinking about it. It's themes are important, it's emotionally affecting, and it's a film that will make you think and one that will be analyzed for years to come. It's pace is slow but that's the type of movie it's supposed to be, slow and demanding. Stick with it and you will be rewarded with one of the most blazingly original and thoughtful sci-fi films i've seen in a long time. I can't say much about this one, so I'm going to wrap this one up without letting tinny go out, but I will say that you need to see it to believe it.