Child's Play ★★★½

"This is for Tupac."

I'll get it out of the way first, but I do not like that is straight up disrespecting Don Mancini by rebooting his franchise that he is still currently making installment for. That is just wrong and it almost made me not see this movie at all. However, I actually enjoyed this movie a great deal to my absolute surprise. The trailers to this were really bad and I still hate the ugly design of Chucky, but this was such an entertaining slasher movie.

It updates this story for a new modern spin where Chucky is able to be operated by an app and Smart-TVs before of course, all goes wrong. He is also now literally turned evil by a disgruntled factory worker who turns on a switch that literally makes Chucky turn evil instead of him being possessed by a dead serial killer. Thankfully though, the film knows and embraces its own ridiculousness to deliver an unabashedly fun slasher. This is exactly what this film needed to be like so I am so glad it decided to really embrace its totally odd roots and just go wild with it.

The violence is bloody and gleeful, just like how it should be in a Chucky movie. The blood spills, the knife slashes and my smile widened with each passing act of violence. In addition to the great violence, the cast totally kills it (sorry). The kid who plays Andy is actually really food and god bless the heavens above, not annoying. Aubrey Plaza is of course great even if I wanted to see her more. And most importantly, Mark Hamill is a fantastic Chucky. He didn't take the torch away from Brad Dourif, but he was an absolute riot in the role.

I enjoyed the "Child's Play" reboot much more than I ever thought I would even though it didn't need to happen. I sure had fun with it though and I loooooved the gleeful, bloody manic violence of it all.