Fighting with My Family ★★★½

I’m not a fan of wresting or anything about it really so I honestly had no idea who this was about or what frankly before I started watching it, but I’m glad this was as informative as it was because if not, I would have been totally lost. Thankfully, it’s also packed full of enough energy and heart to get you through some of the more slower parts of the movie. There aren’t many god bless but sometimes it felt like it dragged on a bit even though there was substantial things going on. There’s also sometimes too many cliches going on which was just detrimental to the overall narrative. Florence Pugh is undoubtedly one of the most talented actresses working today, even for as young as she is. Each movie I see her in she just progressively gets better and she’s is absolutely fantastic here. I fear without her this would not be nearly as watchable as it is. Besides that, I still thought this was quite an entertaining movie even with some of the cliches present, but I had a pleasant time watching this.