Skin ★★★

“Skin” is a pretty disjointed and uneven movie that disappointingly never really goes deeper into this story than the very basic surface level which is honestly quite disappointing because this could have been really powerful. Instead, it opts to present its story in ways that never really connected with me past well, like I said before, it’s very basic surface level. I mean, the movie is essentially asking us to sympathize with a literal Neo-Nazi so forgive me if your movie struggles to really strike an empathetic chord. However, I do think it was interesting movie with some decent ideas that unfortunately didn’t really get fleshed out to the fullest degree. I will say the ending was really quite emotional and wrapped things up nicely. But, I give all my props to Jamie Bell who delivers an absolutely fantastic performance. As of recent, he has putting out some really incredible performances and not getting the recognition he deserves for them.