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"Are you even up there?!"

 My fear going into Edge Of Seventeen was that I wouldn't be able to relate to the main character. Her problems as a teenager in high school are different from mine mainly because she is a girl and I am not. But, with a few differences here and there, I related so hard to Nadine and I caught myself just laughing at some of the issues she has and shaking my head agreeing with her. Hailee Steinfeld gives a fantastic performance as the troubled, angsty teenager Nadine and she makes her character so relatable that you feel for her and you agree with her. She embodies her character and it's like she didn't even know there was a camera on her at times. She just, goes. And she is wonderful. Woody Harrelson is also fantastic as her sarcastic yet caring teacher and I just pictured him as the very right choice for the role. Kelly Freemon Craig directs with sympathy and an obvious deep love for the script that she also wrote. The script is whip smart and sharp as a razor. The dialogue is exactly how real life teenagers would talk to each other and she doesn't try to PG-13 it up. The characters curse, they insult each other and they're mean. And it's exactly how real life teenagers are (including myself). Freemon-Craig obviously must have had similar experiences because she perfectly targets the High School experience. It has its set formula, and not all jokes land, But still it's not one of those "teen movies", it's feels like something else. It's relatable, hilarious and just great. It's one of the best teen movies out there and could easily stand among your DVD shelf with "Mean Girls", "Easy A", "Clueless", and "Juno", and nobody would bat an eye. If you're a teenage you should most definitely see this and if your an adult you should see it also, because i'm sure you can relate somehow and you're sure to bring up some memories of your high school days. Hilarious, original, and wholly entertaining, The a Edge Of a Seventeen is a teen film for the ages. One of the best surprises of the year.