The Highwaymen ★★½

I’m glad this took a bit of a different spin on the Bonnie and Clyde story but trust me, I’d rather see them doing things than the cops who killed them. That’s only as interesting as you can imagine because well, they’re cops. Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson are doing just fine but just like the rest of the movie, they seem pretty listless. As for the movie, I hate to say it but it’s boring. It clocks in at over 2 hours but it feels twice as long as that. I thought I had been watching it for at least an hour but then I looked and it had only been 20 MINUTES. If like 20 or 30 minutes had been cut out of it it would have felt much more of a cohesive, more digestible film than what it is. There are so many scenes that just don’t feel like they belong. I’m glad it went in a different direction than most movies that focus on Bonnie and Clyde but it was more of a slog to get through than it was exciting.