Vice ★★★½

“So, we gonna do this thing, or what?

I really don’t even know what to honestly ratebthis. It can go from a 2.5-3.5 literally just depending on the day I happen to think about something in the movie. I guess the fact that certain things just crawl their way into my mind at completely random times is a testament to the quality of the film but some of the things that do crawl in my mind about are some of the really negative things about it. 

Firstly, there are indeed some positives to it, I’m not going to deny it that. All the performances are fantastic. Christian Bale transforms into Dick Cheney. It was like I was watching Cheney himself and Bale had completely disappeared. Bale is the greatest “chameleon actor” ever and I’ll argue about it. This definitely isn’t Amy Adams’ best performance, but unsurprisingly, she is excellent as Lynne Cheney. Steve Carrell is great, the woman who played the Cheney’s daughter is great, too and Sam Rockwell as George W Bush was hilariously spot on. There’s a myriad of fantastic performances here, no doubt. 

But, oh boy there are definitely some mixed to negatives about it, also. The script feels too disjointed at times and the execution isn’t really there. It definitely feels ambitious, but it wasn’t really pulled off all the time. The editing had some bright spots, but a lot of it was clunky and felt disoriented. I think director Adam McKay bit off more than he could chew here. You could definitely tell he had ambition for this project, but it feels too wildly uneven more often than not. Oh, and that after credits scene is horrendous. 

I need a rewatch(es?) to really absorb it all in, I think. But the thought of rewatching it already has me reaching for the Advil, but I want to judge it fairly so I am really at a loss here. It’s m an interesting thing to say the least.

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