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  • Dracula



    A great movie but Keanu’s British  accent tho

  • Friday




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  • Zombieland: Double Tap

    Zombieland: Double Tap


    A worthy sequel to the original with one of the best post credits scenes in recent years but I also think that same scene kinda feels like  it was just made for the simple reason of craming in this particular person into the movie but I also think that could of been the original idea for the opening or another part of the film for example a extra scene of Columbus explaining something like kill of the decade after the final battle but they cut it out of the movie but still wanted to keep it in

  • Joker



    Movie of the year Joaquin needs to get that Oscar and  the film has a great soundtrack and original score that is very subtle which adds to its effectiveness a must watch for everyone who loves film and the joker. Also to the guy who was sitting next to me at the screening I went to wtf why did you always laugh when shitty things happened to Arthur that’s a dick move.