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  • Generation Iron

    Generation Iron


    Remarkably slow, moving and introspective for a bodybuilding documentary. Mickey Rourke's narration is excellent.

  • Gamemaster



    Well-made but largely dull and rudimentary in its analysis. Saved entirely by one talking head (Nashra Balagamwala) whose story was fascinating and moving, and by the last 30 minutes, where the pace picks up and everyone's stories pay off.

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  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker


    This will never do. Another competent but bland J.J. Abrams film; almost no one will be pleased. I was grateful for the kids in my screening making fun of the movie -- at the start they were slightly irritating, but I soon began to appreciate their jocularity, because the film is so humorlessly melodramatic and self-serious. Maybe a laid back viewing with friends at home is the way to go here. I can't recommend a theater trip.

    Much tampering took…

  • Playmobil: The Movie

    Playmobil: The Movie


    Admitting to my roommate I went to a preview screening of this was a brave and courageous mistake. Still, even in this, Anya Taylor-Joy is a -- joy.