Knives Out

Knives Out ½

While it's admirable that someone would try to make a whodunnit that's really just about how the wealthy mainly inherit their money, this film executes it so poorly that it's just laughable.
I think there's supposed to be some political stance here, but it's so irrelevant to the plot and so tacked on that it doesn't really even matter. Everyone in the family is either a alt-right conservative or some dumb airhead liberal, to the point where I can't tell if Johnson is trying to even create a single likable character. There's also some weird undocumented immigration subplot, that again, feels tacked on and not relevant to the overall plot whatsoever.
Even as a whodunnit, it's boring and predictable. The killer is obvious from the beginning and everything that happens is so convenient that it's just dumb.
The middle aged white people in the audience liked it tho so...

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