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This review may contain spoilers.

Sighs. I love this movie so damn much. Like so much. It is flawed in its own ways aka time travel which might actually make sense and be explained another time, but I still love it. It's such a satisfying closure to the MCU so far as mentioned by actors in their interviews. There was so much more focus on the original 6 avengers, I love seeing their banter. So many things that fans have wanted for years finally happened, e.g. steve and mjolnir, a gay character, women representation, all this shows that marvel is becoming more open to listening to their fans, and being more progressive, and it just makes me love them more. This movie was an absolute roller coaster ride for me. One minute in and I was shedding tears for hawkeye, and I continued to cry for the next 3 hours because everytime some character comes onscreen and fight with all they have in my head it goes uwu I AM SO PROUD OF MY BB and when some sad shit happens to them I get so scared for them I cry preemptively. I was just a crying mess that day sighs.

(will come back with a second review after binge-watching all marvel movies except the incredible hulk this summer)