Favorite films

  • Magnolia
  • La Chinoise
  • The Ice Storm
  • Two Lovers

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  • Ararat


  • After Hours


  • Cape Fear


  • Babylon


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  • Ararat



    One of the most deeply felt masterworks of this century. Astonished that it even exists. What the fuck.

  • Babylon



    Chazelle being ironic: remember when films were good?

    Studio exec not getting the irony and thinking it’s a pitch: yes! we need money, we’ll give you some. consider it a blank check.

    Chazelle: oh shit? thanks babe, ciya in 3 years.

    Three years later, the studio exec: Damien wtf? We did not tell you to remake boogie nights and have it flop hard!

    Chazelle: about that... would it hurt to remake magnolia next? Another 80mil would do the trick.

Popular reviews

  • The Plumber

    The Plumber


    I don’t get it. There isn’t much of a story, rather it acts as a lecture from a man who feels wronged by society (I think? It was a little hard to understand what The Plumber was saying sometimes). In any case, I don’t think it really works on that level either.

    It’s just quite frankly not my thing, it’s loud, it’s haunting, but never does it feel human enough for me to give a damn about. I’m not really…

  • Turtles All the Way Down

    Turtles All the Way Down

    dude, if this sucks, life wouldn’t be worth living