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  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2


    I got a real good eye for prime meat. It runs in the family.

    Sequels can be a tricky business. There's the pressure to prove your concept wasn't a one-trick pony, but also the temptation to rehash the formula which rendered the original a success to begin with; indeed, many sequels are the same set of bones wearing new skin. In the case of filmic predecessors such as Psycho, Halloween, and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, there's the added factor…

  • Legend



    The dreams of youth are the regrets of maturity. Through dreams I influence mankind.

    By the early 1980s, director Ridley Scott was no stranger to science fiction and fantasy, albeit fantasy in a more or less diluted form, being secondary to the themes of space and technology which were at the heart of his films Alien and Blade Runner. Additionally, and for better or worse, Scott has also never been a stranger to indecisiveness about his final product, leading to…

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  • Se7en



    In 1992, an ambitious young director coming from the world of commercials and music videos eased his way into the motion picture industry with what should have been one of the most remarkable films of the 1990s. That film was Alien 3. Compared to its predecessors, it was a great disappointment, and although it has achieved a cult following of its own over the years, director David Fincher himself later disowned the film. Shortly after its completion, Fincher told reporters…

  • Army of Darkness

    Army of Darkness


    By far the silliest and most light-hearted entry in Sam Raimi's cult classic Evil Dead trilogy, Army of Darkness sees Bruce Campbell returning as hunky smart ass Ash Williams to fight the Deadites in a medieval setting. Although it suffers from a little jet lag toward the end, there are more than enough screwball thrills and memorable one-liners on display to make up for it. Fun, care-free, and endlessly re-watchable, Army of Darkness remains an enduring remnant of my misspent youth. Hail to the king, baby!