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  • Neo Yokio: Pink Christmas

    Neo Yokio: Pink Christmas


    Fuck material goods, I guess.

  • Venom



    I knew this was gonna be downright wacky but damn....this was almost offensive.

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  • Green Book

    Green Book


    Nothing about this film felt acceptable. Nothing about watching it as a black audience member was acceptable. It’s simply the neo-liberalist bullshit for white audiences to gawk at for being “progressive”. It’s nothing but an unambiguous compilation of repeated scenarios happening throughout the trip: white guy does something to get them in a situation that the black guy has to suffer through. By the end of it, white guy learns about this great little concept, known as common sense and…

  • Under the Silver Lake

    Under the Silver Lake


    Huh, I thought Under the Silver Lake was pretty well done within the semblance of neo-noir thriller. The film supplied a cult-ish affection enclosed by gruesome acts of sadism and committment, which made for something that was rather entertaining. 
    The connections made in the plot were clever, Andrew’s performance was unbelievable, the music was absolutely sinister, and all around, I did enjoy it. Some characters weren’t likeable and the last 10 minutes did feel like a drag to some aspect. Though overall, Mitchell did a great job in delivering an opus to the cult-thriller genre.