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  • Son of Batman

    Son of Batman


    Son of Batman is a competent animated retelling of the famed comic book arc revealing Damian Wayne.

  • Trust Me

    Trust Me


    Trust Me suffers from a case of mistaken identity. Despite its earnest attempts to deliver something deep and thought provoking, it fails to ignite and turns out to be nothing less than American Beauty lite.

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  • Godzilla



    Whilst Godzilla makes an impressive resurgence on western screens, the cardboard characters and hokey plot lines detract audiences from the intricately planned fight sequences and impressive special effects that bring the king of monsters to life.

  • Alexander



    Alexander: Revisited delivers the film the way in which it should have been in the first place: as a completely overstuffed and oversized cinematic beast. Historically accurate? Probably not. Underrated? Absolutely.