Unmasked Part 25

Unmasked Part 25 ★★★

Jason goes to Hallmark.

Unmasked: 25 is a uniquely weird and fun horror satire comedy romance. There's some great kills and gore along with genuine laughs that came from unique storytelling. A Jason clone accidentally falls in love with a blind lady because she can't see his deformities.

This British meta slasher definitely did meta before it was cool. The Friday the 13th references are wonderful and the writing was mostly good. I say mostly because the main slasher's motivations are poorly fleshed out and the ending feels rushed. The tone continually shifts genres, but I still cared about the main two characters for the most part.

Even though I'm giving this just three stars, I'd still highly recommend this to horror and slasher fans. It's so uniquely different and creative that it's a really fun watch, despite its problems. Unmasked 25 is definitely the best fake sequel that I've reviewed this week, and I've reviewed three (Surf II and Leonard Part 6). Watched on Tubi.

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