Stalker ★★½



I can explain, or at least I'll try.

Admittedly, I do love a lot about Stalker, specifically its cinematography. I truly mean it when I say that every single frame here is one of the best visuals ever put to screen, and each one of them would make for an equally phenomenal poster. Not only is every shot beautiful to look at, but they're also all just so incredibly meticulously executed, as most of them last for an unbelievable amount of time. The unique cinematography, the score, the pretty genius use of colour, the framing, the production design; it's all amazing. I do have a few minor issues with the sound editing and mixing as there are a few parts where the background noise awkwardly cuts out, but that's a fairly inconsequential nitpicky sort of thing so it really doesn't affect this film overall.

As for other things I liked; our three main protagonists are all pretty interesting, and they each have a very engaging contrast, which the script takes advantage of in order to say things about how humans work and stuff like that. They're also played very well by their actors, whose skills really come across in some really great monologues, and as a whole, this is definitely a unique movie.

But my main issue with this film is really just a personal preference; I thought it was boring. I know I'm gonna seem like a massive normie for this, but that's really just how I felt; I appreciate some elements of Stalker, but as a whole, it bored me. And I don't necessarily dislike slow movies at all; Haneke's my favorite director. But what separates this from something like Cache is that, despite that movie's slow pace, every moment there does have a point; I'm not saying I'd trim down Stalker, I just mean I couldn't care about anything going on. And yes, I get that, much like 2001 A Space Oddessy, this is a movie that's meant to be immersive, not entertaining. The thing is though, Stalker just wasn't all too immersive in my opinion.

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