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Still from Joe Dante’s Gremlins (1984)


Good Boys ★★★½

I can almost imagine Good Boys coming about by someone thinking “What if we made a movie like Superbad, but had it starring tweens?” Admittedly, I did find the antics of these sixth graders to be cute and funny at times, but you can only hear kids swear so many times before it starts to get old. Good Boys is probably one of the last major roles for Canadian actor Jacob Tremblay before puberty fully kicks in and he stops being that cute kid from 2015’s Room. Other than Tremblay, the child actor that stands out the most in the film is Keith L. Williams as the always-honest Lucas, who also happens to be coping with his parent’s divorce. Then there’s Brady Noon as Thor, who is dealing with some major self-esteem issues, as a result of constant bullying.

For a film marketed on the fact that the stars themselves are too young to see it, Good Boys is actually a relatively tame film for an R-rated comedy. However, the film still features quite a bit of potty humour and a side plot about how the school musical is Rock of Ages, which definitely turns out to be quite inappropriate for kids that young to perform. Overall, I would say that Good Boys is a fine film, but ultimately a somewhat forgettable one.