Never Rarely Sometimes Always ★★★★

Never Rarely Sometimes Always is a film that asks us to consider the reasons why people seek to terminate unwanted pregnancies. The title is in reference to the possible answers on a survey given to Autumn by a councillor about her sexual history leading to the pregnancy. Autumn’s answers, or lack thereof, seem to suggest that her pregnancy wasn’t caused by a consensual act, even though director Eliza Hittman makes the decision not to have us delve too much on the identity of the father and instead Never Rarely Sometimes Always focuses on the challenges and the sacrifices Autumn is going through to get this abortion. This includes the revelation that Autumn is further along in the pregnancy than she initially believed and will have to go through a multi-day procedure. The fact that Autumn and Skylar have to stay in New York City for multiple days with very little money ends up creating a bit of dramatic tension in the film and at one point they are forced to ask Jasper, a guy the two have just met, for help paying for the required train and bus fare.

It would be a bit too much to call Never Rarely Sometimes Always a pro-abortion movie, but there is hope that the film helps people understand that the decision is more than simply whether or not to keep the baby. We never really find out why Autumn got pregnant in the first place and it is that aspect alone that is enough to get viewers thinking.

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