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  • Kite



    Gratuitous, sleazy, violent, sexually exploitative: all those lovely facets I adore & am rejuvenated by in trashy anime (and live-action too, I shouldn't sell myself short) are here in spades. Teen and child assassins and their exploding bullets leaving behind crime scenes covered in seas of blood and bodies, innocent bystanders be damned!, with all the other scenes padded within the pretense of teen sexual exploitation that is pretty fucking icky. Beautiful animation, especially the action choreography and the torrents of…

  • Black Magic M-66

    Black Magic M-66


    Slick, sleek, gorgeous, and action packed - much like the M-66 itself. A great protagonist, extremely well done animation, an interesting cyberpunk setting mostly hinted at (I've no experience with the manga) and tense chase scenes add to the already highly-concentrated levels of pure enjoyment. Not a complicated OVA, but it doesn't need to be: taut action animes are their own reward.

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  • They Live

    They Live


    Letterboxd Scavenger Hunt 49: April 2019: 13/30 (+1)

    Is it a coincidence that I watched this the same night of that historical debate between the Lobster King and the Sniffling Lacanian, two of the most towering, vaulted intellectuals of our time? Yes, yes it is mostly. The debate is/was a shit-show without use, but I’ll move on from that now before I really start complaining. Speaking of Zizek, I’ll just refer all readers to his Pervert’s Guide to Ideology for…

  • Satan at Play

    Satan at Play


    My roommate and another friend asked me to put on something "a bit mesmerizing and trippy" to help with their late-night comedown, and I surprised em both (and myself too tbh) with this one. Everyone loved it, gawking at the effects ruled the moment.