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  • Drillbit Taylor

    Drillbit Taylor


    After watching Love Guru none of these seem so bad, but really, is that where we want to be?

  • If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do?

    If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do?


    "Communism is good. Christianity is stupid. Give up."

    The rip on youtube is filled with scanlines, visual aberrations, color issues, creating a visual experience out of some feverish video transmission from a distant star.

    Unrepentant violence, unparalleled paranoia - the continuous stream of inhumanity eclipses anything I've ever seen in another "exploitation" movie. As an artifact of evangelicalism, it is horrifying: Fire-and-brimstone fundamentalism beset by all forms of modernity, its defeat resulting in the torture of children and mass executions. As an artifact of cinema, it is entrancing: a bonafide exploitation masterpiece.

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  • They Live

    They Live


    Letterboxd Scavenger Hunt 49: April 2019: 13/30 (+1)

    Is it a coincidence that I watched this the same night of that historical debate between the Lobster King and the Sniffling Lacanian, two of the most towering, vaulted intellectuals of our time? Yes, yes it is mostly. The debate is/was a shit-show without use, but I’ll move on from that now before I really start complaining. Speaking of Zizek, I’ll just refer all readers to his Pervert’s Guide to Ideology for…

  • Midori



    If you possess even the vaguest notion that you're a somewhat decent human, your best bet is to NOPE.avi.exe the fuck away from this thing.

    But -

    But if you're some sorta degenerate, some sorta gutter rat who subsists solely on acts of cinematic self-flagellation, who isn't afraid of experiencing shit that's just unacceptably depraved, well, well well well, meet your new god.