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  • Drillbit Taylor

    Drillbit Taylor


    After watching Love Guru none of these seem so bad, but really, is that where we want to be?

  • If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do?

    If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do?


    "Communism is good. Christianity is stupid. Give up."

    The rip on youtube is filled with scanlines, visual aberrations, color issues, creating a visual experience out of some feverish video transmission from a distant star.

    Unrepentant violence, unparalleled paranoia - the continuous stream of inhumanity eclipses anything I've ever seen in another "exploitation" movie. As an artifact of evangelicalism, it is horrifying: Fire-and-brimstone fundamentalism beset by all forms of modernity, its defeat resulting in the torture of children and mass executions. As an artifact of cinema, it is entrancing: a bonafide exploitation masterpiece.

  • Freedom Writers

    Freedom Writers


    "Who cares about seniority?"

    This soundtrack fukkin slaps

  • Cyber City Oedo 808

    Cyber City Oedo 808


    Edgy and funky? You don't fucking say? Three sprawling tales, focusing on techno-necro-mancy, in an endlessly sprawling city, skyscrapers and roads piling atop themselves into the stratosphere, without a bottom, without an escape. Death isn't freedom, crimes are eternal.

    The three stories told are varied enough to stay interesting, dropping hints of world more intense and complex than could possibly be contained in a 3-part OVA. The dub was at times awkward but its 3-swears-per-sentenance structure is rather enthralling and fitting for the situation.

  • Chronopolis



    This reminds me, at least in part, of some lost Calvino story, somewhere between Invisible Cities and Cosmicomics; too conceptual for one and too corporeal for the other (which is which, I don't know...), but I can picture how it may start just now... "What have I seen when visiting the forgotten city of Chronopolis? - Qfwfq asked - the better question is, what haven't I seen!"

    Clay is such a phenomenal medium for animation. It's so physical, earthy.

  • The Seventh Curse

    The Seventh Curse


    Extremely my shit. Rivers of gore, including some dude ripping his own fucking stomach open (so metal), martial arts fights with flying xenomorph knock-offs, demon babies, and skeleton-kings, Chow Yun-Fat, mountains of mystical bullshit, ridiculous music cues. Pure enjoyment.

  • Eraserhead



    I'm showing this to two chucklefucks (love them) on the come up cuz they wanted something "trippy", I wonder what the next 90min of their lives is gonna be like

  • Phenomena



    "SCREW THE PAST!" "Shit head --- I said: fuck you"

    Argento with some definite punk vibes I'm picking up here... from the complete unattempt to keep the ending all-so "rational" to the focus, in good and bad ways, on disability and some affects of pathologizing agents. As usual, the music is ferocious and perfect, the kills are often horrid and pierced with screams, and the color gradients are picked perfectly. Classic Argento, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

  • Elephant



    "holy shit" is all I have

  • The Love Guru

    The Love Guru


    I expected to be disappointed, but was not prepared for the cocktail of negative emotions I experienced while watching this shit.

  • Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over

    Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over


    Fever dream CGI and an inexcusably stacked cast, the perfect movie for playing a heated game of Munchkin.

  • Battles Without Honor and Humanity

    Battles Without Honor and Humanity


    Maintains a phenomenal sense of dramatic tension despite its murder-a-minute pace (which is also handled phenomenally). Shozo Hirono is a perfect, unlucky man: a barely shakable sense of duty honor, old-world style, to a capricious yazuka boss who see him and others as pawns; gets out of jail and the same day is asked to assassinate a close friend, brother, compatriot. Welcome to the world after the bomb.