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  • Angel Heart

    Angel Heart


    Movie Challenge 2019: 52 Re-Watches in 52 Weeks: Movie #11 out of 52

    This one really scared the hell out of me as a teenager and I watched it very often in the late 1980s. Never seen it since then, but remembered it quite well. I don't know if it's because of nostalgic feelings, but I was think, ANGEL HEART is just amazing. It still works, even if you know the plot twists and the finale still gives me the creeps and goosebumps. Outstanding movie!

  • Onibaba



    Movie Challenge 2019: 104 Years in 52 Weeks: Movie #15 out of 104

    Another great movie in this wonderful challenge.
    Especially loved this strange vibe of it, which was present throughout the whole running time. Can't really describe it. Think, you have to watch it and feel it for yourself.