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  • Charlie's Angels

    Charlie's Angels


    Exactly what I wanted from a Charlie's Angel's film.

    Triple bill suggestion: The Spy Who Dumped Me, Charlie's Angel's and Birds of Prey.

  • In a World...

    In a World...


    's fun. Enjoyed it. Good sister dynamic, reminded me of Fleabag.

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  • Under the Shadow

    Under the Shadow


    Smarter people than me will have dissected the symbolism of this and the unique frame of reference that comes with a horror film set in Iran. All I can say is that I loved this and then ramble about some personal stuff that's mostly irrelevant.

    I loved this.

    I grew up in 1990's Jordan (and, much later, Palestine) where belief in the Djinn was pretty widespread. I remember jumping over the first tile in the bathroom because that's where some…

  • Midsommar



    A grieving woman accompanies her shitty boyfriend and his shitty friends to a 9-day pagan ritual in a beautiful Swedish village and doesn't immediately run away because she's clearly never seen The Wicker Man.

    It's stunningly shot and framed, absolutely gorgeous. There's details and clues everywhere so it's hardly unpredictable, but the thing is... I don't care. It's beautiful, and the performances were so good, and I left the cinema reeling.

    At first while I was watching I wasn't sure…