Chungking Express

Chungking Express ★★★★

UK Lockdown Day #39

Been wanting to watch this for a long time. For years I had always seen screenshots from this and it always had me hooked. I gotta thank Darren & Ethan for their reviews and allowing me to realise that May 1st would be the ideal day to watch it.

Super stylish but with plenty of substance. Like In The Mood For Love, I'm struggling to truly express my thoughts and feelings about this. I can tell you I liked it more and the style of the piece is part of it. The visuals play a big role. The vertical streaks of the candles. The rain-soaked frames. The framerate reduction/stutter effect.

Honestly I want to say more but words are failing me. For a better take on this film I implore you to check out both Darren & Ethan's reviews. They word it better than I ever could.

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