Inferno ★★★½

With Hooptober starting a week tomorrow I wanted to do a bit of prep and begin to get myself in the right mindset.

Inferno is a sort of sequel to Argento's Suspiria that re-captures some of the elements that made the predecessor so interesting but it does lack some of the intrigue.

Visually this film is on par with Suspiria. The fairy tale like production design and the use of extremely strong, vibrant colours, spcificially red & blue, makes for a truly delightful viewing experience. Paired with the killings that take place, as well as the glorious score, and you have a recipe for an enjoyable horror film.

Though unfortunately a lack of substance in the narrative area drags it down quite a bit. We're kind of moving set piece to set piece with a threadbare story connecting each one. Plus there's a distinct lack of characterization as basically none of the characters are all that interesting.

Still, you kind of get what you'd expect from a Dario Argento film.