Opera ★★★

Well, this is Argento so I'm not sure what I expected.

Like Suspiria, it's a somewhat frustrating experience because there's some really interesting shit about this film. You have the camera as a character for a lot of the runtime and I honestly think it adds a lot. You could argue that it's POV but it's just too floaty and low for me to really consider it the case but it works nevertheless. A fairly effective tension builder when it's not dependent on the actors performances. The torture/kill scenes are fairly fun in a sadistic & somewhat hilarious way. That eye needle contraception is evil.

The killer's motivation and the link to Betty's (Cristina Marsillach) mother is so insanely paper thin and unnecessary that it almost completely drags the film down with it. By itself an obsessed fan torturing and toying with Betty should be sufficient enough. It's somewhat difficult to comment on performances due to the nature of them. I watched the English dub. Even if it feels synced, it never really feels quite right. Which is just the nature of the beast. Same issue with Suspiria. I'm assuming that may be the case with most of Argento's work. Also the use of metal music throughout is so bizarre and really pulls you out of it.

Look, I think there's a charm to this type of film. That's why my rating doesn't really reflect my review. I came in knowing what to expect so it's kind of hard to be disappointed.