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This review may contain spoilers.

I was very disappointed. I know it's not exactly news, that if you've read the book before watching the film, you are bound to be disappointed, at least a little, but the movie completely fails to capture the book's emotion and Katniss' inner conflicts. I'm not necessarily complaining about the modification of some parts of the book to better fit into a movie-format, I was just very disappointed by the way the story was told. To me, it seemed, as if it scratches the surface of most of the important scenes but by trying to (and of course not even succeeding in) mention every part of the story, none of the scenes deliver true depth. After all, the movie is not much more that a VERY brief summary of the book. If the movie was kind of interesting to you, but you were missing a little drama/inner conflict/depth, you definitely need to read the book.