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  • Jobs



    So Bad.

    I did enjoy Aston Kutcher, I think he actually did a good job. But this was a horribly told story that really just repeated what we probably already knew about Steve and the team.

    The pace seemed to be more about hitting certain marks in his lifetime vs getting any real emotion into the story, especially between characters. Maybe I am expecting to much.

  • Dredd



    It's quite a short film 90+ minutes. Pretty much everything happens in the Peach Trees building with lots of shooting. The plot is pretty week. Basically some guy called Dredd running around talking to his gun.

    I really did love how they seem to keep a lot of things real, like the bike was a normal bike with some machine guns attached, cool!

    This film didn't really deliver for me. And its SUPER ANNOYED me that the visor on his…

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  • Somewhere



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    You know you are in trouble when the opening scene is watching a black Ferrari do laps of a racecourse from a single static angle for 4 or so minutes. This film seems to be more about the anguish of being a Hollywood actor for other Hollywood actors. Wonderfully shot, but I think the script would have only been 2 pages long.

    I am further disappointed how the film tried to create some sort of "happy" ending which is what…

  • Primer



    One of my all time favourite films. Shot on a low budget and you would not have known it. The cinematography is so cool. I love the shot at the start where that is looking at both the wife in the kitchen and the guys in lounge through 2 doors.

    The film is slightly mind boggling but it just keeps on getting better / worse. Its a must watch.