Dune ★★★

Not a catastrophe but not something I was able to get very worked up about either. It sticks really close to the events of the novel and luckily those are pretty compelling. If I think about it too much, I really dislike it but I can't deny that I was largely entertained.

The sense of scale is the best part, and I felt good about seeing this in IMAX. The ship design, sets, and costumes (when you can see them) are pretty nice too. Performances are maybe a little undercooked given the stacked cast tbh. Ferguson is easily the strongest with Bardem close behind. Everyone else feels a little dreary but no one is bad.

Really hate the way everything is underlit, choppily edited, and color-timed into gray oblivion. It creates a very weightless and impersonal feeling, and this really hit home for me during the action sequences. Also, for some reason, they've decided to make every night scene incredibly dark to the point where I wondered if the projector wasn't bright enough. There's a night battle scene that goes on forever and is the nadir of the film imo that highlights all of these issues really bluntly.

Take this with a grain of salt because I truly dislike most of Zimmer's recent work, but the score is embarrassing. So loud, unsubtle, and obtrusive. Zimmer should've retired after Göransson's Tenet score did everything he's trying to do much better.

Like I said, when I take it piece by piece I dislike a lot of the choices in this film, but it's broadly entertaining enough to get by. Couldn't escape the feeling that it was very expensive prestige TV, which is depressing for several reasons.

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