Malignant ★★★★★


25 of 100

James Wan returns to the horror genre with a fantastic film that is carefully crafted and carries tension all the way through it. The narrative is engaging and the twists blew me away. Go into this blind is what I’ll tell you. 

The score is a big stand out and helps carry the tone and even the pacing with its industrial beats that almost remind me of a linkin park mix, it reminds you of those late 90s and 2000s bears but sounds fantastic and relevant here. And then it’s unsettling tones when the tension rises. 

You can see the care Wan puts into his cinematography throughout the film, scenes are slightly off kilter or the focus may be in one aspect of the room but you will be looking for shadows or where the scare might come. Not cheap gimmicks here though. 

The gore and effects are all great. The film utilizes it only when necessary and gives it that much more of an impact when it’s shown.  The crew are all fantastic in their roles.

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