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  • Miami Vice

    Miami Vice


    Holy crap did I love the cinematography in this movie. It reminds me of this postcard I found found somewhere of a guy looking over NYC with ton of digital noise. I've always liked stuff like that. I like stuff like this too.

  • The Favourite

    The Favourite


    This movie is so weird and amazing and I wouldn't be upset if it won best cinematography.

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  • SPF-18



    In defense of SPF-18: On the perils of creativity

    x-post from imdb

    SPF-18 is a bad movie but not bad in the same way Fast and the Furious; Geostorm or any other mainstream movie is bad, it's bad almost exclusively because making movies is hard and this is the first movie Alex Israel has made.

    In fact, I almost feel empathetic toward Alex Israel, the film now hitting Netflix is going to result in a barrage of negative reviews and…

  • Columbus



    This movie was really really good 🎉.

    There's something about the way that the all the actors walk and talk that is at the same time very linklater but still with a unique style that makes all the characters feel charming to watch.

    This is only enhanced by the cinematography and music which concentrates as much on the background as the foreground. Every shot feels like a careful choreography paying as much attention to the large building as the nuanced…