Greener Grass

Greener Grass ★★★

Not totally sure how I feel about Greener Grass. The humor is pretty absurd and reminded me of David Wains stuff which I’m generally a fan of, but not everything worked for me. It’s very on the nose and weird in a way that makes it feel like a 15 minute adult swim special stretched out to 90 minutes. The movie got a little annoying and wore out it’s welcome toward the end but there were some parts that got a good laugh out me. I think this is gonna be a very divisive movie that people either love or hate. Still not sure which one I am yet.

And now to introduce a new segment to my letterboxd where I review a concert I see directly after the movie. 

Dinner And A Movie And A Show (minus the dinner part):

I saw an 8pm showing of Greener Grass at the Texas Theater and ended up rushing to Deep Ellum after to catch the Weyes Blood concert that started at 10pm. I was going to stay at the Texas Theater cause Dan Deacon was performing but I saw that it was a dj set so I decided to go to Weyes Blood instead cause I already had ticket for that. I got there slightly late so I missed her first song, but I saw the rest of her set. She was fantastic! Really incredible voice and the arrangements sounded great with a five piece band. The show was sold out and I think the AC was broken because it was dangerously hot inside the venue. It was cool to see her in a small place before she inevitably blows up. I really enjoyed the show and everyone should check out her album Titanic Rising. It’s probably my favorite album of 2019 (so far)

Greener Grass 3/5
Weyes Blood concert 4.5/5

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