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"I consider myself a student of cinema and the day I die is the day I graduate." - QT

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  • Noche de buitres

    Noche de buitres


    'Noche de buitres' (Night of the Vultures) once again proves how unpredictable Mexican films are. We went into this completely blind and got another batshit exercise in Mexploitation. It's a little hard to say what genre 'Buitres' fits in, but it's essentially crime film about reckless teenagers with a bit of an 80s spin.
    It starts out innocent enough with a couple of spoiled horney kids who are out to have fun with their camcorder, but things escalate quickly and…

  • Incubus



    'Incubus' has been on my radar for many years, mostly because it's such an obscure entry in William Shatner's pre-Captain Kirk filmography. I expected more of a trashy curiosity, but I didn't think I would actually end up loving the movie as much as I did.

    This is one of only two movies in history shot in the constructed language Esperanta. I'm don't speak Esperanta and before watching 'Incubus' I had never heard anybody else speak it. The movie was…

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  • Deviates in Love

    Deviates in Love


    I think that Ray Dennis Steckler is a legitimately interesting film maker, but his roughie showreel 'Deviates in Love' aka 'Fade to Red' is probably one of the least interesting of his movies.
    I am impressed that this crummy adult movie opens on the Spanish inquisition (easily the coolest scene) and includes a rapey biker gang named the Psycho Devils (at least according to the narrator) but otherwise this seems like a clip show of pretty ugly sex scenes that drags a little even at a slightly less than 60 minute run time.
    I liked 'The Sexorcist Devil' a lot more than this.

  • Savage Streets

    Savage Streets


    'Savage Streets' is a personal favorite among 80s exploitation films and seeing it again made me feel very comfy and nostalgic inside.
    It's combining the early 80s urban sleaze genre of movies like 'Vice Squad' and 'Angel' with the vigilante or rather rape & revenge subgenre of 'Class of 1984' (even bordering in 'I Spit On Your Grave' territory in the pretty hard to watch rape scene).
    Linda Blair is fucking badass in this as a tough girl turning teenage vigilante,…

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  • The Church

    The Church


    Michele Soavi's 'The Church' was one of the last late classics of Italian horror I had yet to see and my expectations for this were pretty high. With some of the popular images from this that I had seen before (especially the one of satan on top of a naked girl), it looked like it could go straight in my favorite movies - and while it didn't quite make that list on the first viewing, I still liked it a…

  • Slaves



    'Slaves' (or 'Swedish Nympho Slaves' if you wanna be more specific) is a pretty decent little Jess Franco sexploiter from his Erwin C. Dietrich period.
    It's apparently a bit of a patchwork flick with a story told all in flashbacks of previously shot footage, but it works well enough and isn't distracting. It's starring Lina Romay as kind of a pimping nightclub owner in peril, and she's great as always. The supporting cast includes many familiar faces from other Franco…