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  • Girls, Girls

    Girls, Girls


    'Mädchen, Mädchen' starring Helga Anders and Jürgen Jung is probably my favorite Roger Fritz film so far. It's sleazy but slightly less exploitive than 'Mädchen mit Gewalt' and leans more toward the character-driven drama of his later film 'Frankfurt Kaiserstrasse'. It's full of memorable performances (including young Klaus Löwitsch before playing the lead in Fritz's next movie) and lovely black and white cinematography. (The playful shadow scene was probably my favorite.) The mood is very breezy but there is still something quite dark about the story and the basic love triangle on display.

  • The Brutes

    The Brutes


    Surprisingly complex and intense German exploitation that's even more impressive considering it was still shot in the 60s. The three leads Helga Anders, Klaus Löwitsch and Arthur Brauss do a great job and completely shift the dynamic around several times in a basic mood that also made me think of the great German neo-western Deadlock.
    Roger Fritz only made a handful of movies, but this is the second really interesting one I've seen and I now look forward to 'Mädchen, Mädchen'.

Recent reviews

  • Operation Hong Kong

    Operation Hong Kong


    One of the better films of a lose series of Hong Kong located German Krimi & Eurospy flicks (this time co-produced by Italy and France) that often features some of the same cast members such as Horst Frank and Brad Harris. We also have Eurocult queen Maria Perschy and the charismatic Dietmar Schönherr this time, next to a few French and Italian cast members. Horst Frank gives the most memorable performance in this as usual and always gets a lot out…

  • Er kanns nicht lassen

    Er kanns nicht lassen


    The second Father Brown movie, this time movie directed by Axel von Ambesser and again starring Heinz Rühmann, is an improvement over the first part in almost every aspect.
    It's more fast-paced, more light-hearted and has a better script which has some more jokes and fun dialogue and also a more interesting criminal case for Brown to solve. This also has a pretty good supporting cast featuring Ruth-Maria Kubitschek, Horst Tappert and even a cameo by Rosl Mayr. 
    Rühmann gets…

Popular reviews

  • The Black Sheep

    The Black Sheep


    The first of two films based on the character Pater Brown - a small town priest who keeps solving murder mysteries. Heinz Rühmann plays the character with his usual smooth charme even if the religious aspect gets a bit too sentimental for my liking at times. 
    A charming Krimi somewhere between a male Miss Marple and Edgar Wallace.

  • The Sadness

    The Sadness


    I didn't giggle so much in a cinema in a long time. This felt as if Herman Yau and Takashi Miike got together to remake Lenzi's 'Nightmare City' as a Corona virus satire but with more rape zombies. Loads of fun and a very appropriate way to spend Valentine's Day.