Fuego ★★★★½

I wanted to see 'Fuego' for years, mainly because John Waters championed the films of Isabel Sarli and Armando Bó as favorites, influences and an obsession of his - and now I can finally see why.
This is everything I hoped for and the exact type of sexploitation camp aesthetic that speaks to me. From the firey opening credits and the spaghetti western-esque theme song I was hooked. As melodramatic as Douglas Sirk crossed with the over the top size of Russ Meyer but also something totally unique.
Isabel Sarli doesn't just look great, she also has a fantastic screen presence. Whether she goes on horney rampages seducing men or begs her husband to kill her as the only cure for her nymphomania, her performance is always engaging and entertaining.
I need to see the other Armando Bó & Isabel Sarli films asap.

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