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  • America 3000

    America 3000


    Still better than America 2020.

  • Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell

    Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell


    It's 'The Omen' but with Richard Crenna instead of Gregory Peck and a puppy instead of Damien.

  • Mark of the Witch

    Mark of the Witch


    'Mark of the Witch' is a moody little early 70s occult horror flick that uses it's tiny budget in the right places. I had a pretty good feeling about this from the atmospheric opening scene on, and it actually still works when it goes from the witch's hanging to a 60s campus. Loved the look of the witch, the ritual scenes (that could all be sampled in early 80s heavy metal songs) and the gritty synth score. It's slow but I wasn't bored because even between the horror scenes you have charming moments, like the main character explaining to the witch what coffee is.

  • The Warrior and the Sorceress

    The Warrior and the Sorceress


    A trashy 80s fantasy version of 'Yojimbo' that might as well be called 'For a Fistful of Deathstalkers', as it adds the blood, breasts and beasts to the story that Kurosawa and Leone missed. Well, to be fair there is probably more blood in 'Yojimbo' but does that have a four-breasted woman shooting a tentactle out of her belly? I think not.
    David Carradine's performance is difficult to judge, because I can't tell whether he was having fun making this,…

  • Raped by an Angel 3: Sexual Fantasy of the Chief Executive

    Raped by an Angel 3: Sexual Fantasy of the Chief Executive


    'Raped by an Angel 3: Sexual Fantasy of the Chief Executive' is not a bad film, but by far the weakest part of the 'series' so far. It feels a bit more like an erotic thriller in the vein of 'Disclosure' than a the kind of Cat III madness you would expect from a film of this kind (or a film with this title). It's still entertaining enough for the most part, but it drags in the middle and some of the sex and rape scenes unfortunately feel more dull than usual.

  • Auntie Lee's Meat Pies

    Auntie Lee's Meat Pies


    'Auntie Lee’s Meat Pies' is a very obscure horror comedy directed by adult film maker Joseph F. Robertson. I wanted to see this for at least 15 years since I saw the poster in an old book, but it was almost impossible to find and there still doesn't seem to be much of a release - but this is a weird little movie that could be rediscovered as a cult classic.
    Featuring Karen Black in the title role, Michael Berryman…

  • Movie in Action

    Movie in Action


    During the making of an action movie in Thailand, the lead actress gets kidnapped by a group of freedom fighters, and the film crew has to go on a rescure mission to save her.

    You can't really watch Teddy Page's 'Movie in Action' today without thinking of 'Tropic Thunder'. You got Bo Svenson as the director and Mike Monty playing the Tom Cruise role (I like Tom Cruise, he's certainly no Mike Monty). Jim Gaines is entertaining as always as…

  • Chain Gang Girls

    Chain Gang Girls


    Very low budget Japanese Women-in-Prison film that takes some themes from 'Sasori' without any of the style. It has a few decent moments -some sleaze and torture scenes and a little blood- but even at 75 minutes it drags a bit too much.
    Also why did they have to use CGI for the exterior shots of the prison?

  • Half Past Dead

    Half Past Dead


    I ran out of good Steven Seagal movies, didn't I?

  • The Forest

    The Forest


    'The Forest' is kind of an odd mix. It feels a bit like somebody had two unfinished ideas for two different horror movies and then decided to just go out to the woods for a weekend and turn them all into one film. It feels like a slasher movie made by somebody who doesn't know what a slasher movie is. Most things about this movie come together in a way that's just off.
    We have a cannibal stalking people in…

  • Loaded Guns

    Loaded Guns


    I love Fernando Di Leo's eurocrime films and I think he's one of that genre's finest directors. The poster for 'Loaded Guns' kind of suggests it's part of the same genre, but this unfunny comedy has very little in common with Di Leo's violent and sleazy crime films - though it IS pretty violent at times and very sleazy.
    Urslua Andress gets naked so often, she must've thought she was in an Andy Sidaris movie. She should be credited as…

  • Raped by an Angel 2: The Uniform Fan

    Raped by an Angel 2: The Uniform Fan


    Andrew Lau's 'Raped by an Angel' is one of my favorite Cat III films for sure. Five years later it turned into kind of a series of rapey semi-sequels. Honestly, I don't quite get the low ratings for this one.
    While not quite as outragous and awesome as the first part of the series, this is still a very entertaining Cat III movie. It uses some of the same elements of the original 'Raped by an Angel' - the rapist…