The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★½

‘The Favourite’ definitely deserves its many nominations. The cinematography is surprising, I’d say it’s very refreshing! Not sure if it’s history, period drama or art house (maybe a mixture of all three) but it’s nothing I’ve seen lately in cinema and that’s something to be satisfied about! 

Every actress and actor played her and his part so convincing - Yorgos Lanthimos let them converge to the characters as best as possible. And the whole movie you feel sorry for the Queen every second because Olivia Colman’s acting was so real... Like anything else, ‘The Favourite’ shows the real life of the early 18th century. No beautiful dresses without stink, no astonishing palaces without sickness, harsh hierachy and scheming. No sun flares while watching outside a window or walking through a corn field. Rough language and hypocritical admiration. Even the music is repulsive sometime so that there’s no chance to symphathize with the time nor the place. 
Honestly, I don’t know if I like ‘The Favourite’. I admire its creativity, innovation and realness as a movie but additionally it’s so irritating and uncomfortable. But that’s what makes good art if it touches you at any variety of emotion. Even if it’s not the favourite...

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