Carol ★★★½

Opting out of Star Wars for another week or so, I decided to take in Carol instead. Just to get this out of the way off the bat, this movie hardly has ANY lightsaber duels.

Carol is about Cate Blanchett's character of Carol and Rooney Mara's character of Therese equally. The movie starts by making you think it's about Therese, but once Carol hits the screen she sucks up all the attention. She sucks, Therese gives in, and we see a push and pull that I have to imagine was a great read in, The Price of Salt. In all likelihood this was a better book than it is a movie. Someone who consumed both, I would love to get your comment on this. It's slow. It's dreadfully boring at times. BUT...It does have some seriously redeeming qualities at times.

The acting, of course, is great. That's a given really. Cate will be up for another Academy Award, I'll bet Rooney Mara will be as well. The gay love story is becoming an ever increasingly popular story to tell lately. This is another film that tells the story of a couple back when that story actually included some conflict. Back when people couldn't be open and honest about these sorts of things. Back when people's lives were ruined BECAUSE you couldn't be open and honest about these sort of things. These stories always end up catching my attention, even if they are extremely slow. This movie is slow! But if you attach to the characters, you'll probably get hooked. I did and ended up getting pretty involved near the end.

It may sound weird, but sometimes being bored while watching a movie is a pleasant experience for me. Maybe bored isn't right word. It's like a there's a lack of stimulation, but something still brings me in. There is a closeness that makes you alright being alone with, and being bored with, these characters. Certainly ended up being a decent watch. I can imagine a mood when this film is the perfect thing to put on.