Fallen ★★★

Really feels like Se7en with Denzel.

It came out three years after but they may have well been released simultaneously. There was a whole string of movies that went for the red and black motif, movies that absolutely needed a big twist at the end. Fallen sets up that twist in the beginning and let's us wonder how Denzel almost dies.

Fallen is a bit more Gothic than I remember Se7en being but they're both fixated on religion. In Fallen, a demon follows people around, murdering them while setting up a serial killer narrative. Serial killer narratives were huge in the 90s. You've got Denzel playing himself like he always does. Not that that's a bad thing, I love watching Denzel on screen. Even as a beat cop living with his hapless brother and nephew, without any sort of love interest on screen, he stills comes across as the smoothest dude in Philadelphia. John Goodman plays the big loveable partner. James Gandolfini plays the big easy to hate partner. It's really straight forward and a bit predictable.

But all these 90s tropes don't prevent the movie from being enjoyable. I think it's the special bit of nostalgia I get when watching 90s thrillers, I'm just always interested. It doesn't feel dated yet even with the weird camera effects used to indicate the demon's point of view. As it falls out of memory and other films cut from the same cloth rise to the top, this may ultimately be forgotten. Which is kind of a shame because it's a well built movie. It's just that it's been done so many times and done better.