Gummo ★★★★

Life's great, without it we'd be dead...

Harmony Korine in my opinion is one of the most important and innovative auteurs we have currently making movies. They are not all easy to watch. They aren't all as entertaining or visually appealing as Spring Breakers but they are all different. That's what's most impressive about Gummo. Just how different it is from his other films.

I thought this was going to be more disturbing frankly. I guess that says something about myself as a person and my expectations, but I didn't find this that unsettling. He's able to bring the beautiful side out of the depraved and trashy. But it does have it's moments. I'll admit I cringed watching the spaghetti/bath tub scene. It's made up of real people that agreed to work with Korine. The movie itself is a harsh contrast of light and dark. The goodness that is in people and the badness. The polarity and how that functions in a town that has seen the darkest of times. There are definitely some questionable moments filmed in this movie. It borders right against shock factor but doesn't feel pretentious.

It's all very ephemeral. But it's a movie that will stick with you. And if you're into weird movies this is a must see. Harmony makes stuff that's really challenging and I appreciate it.