Son of the White Mare

Son of the White Mare ★★★★★

Schedule your next psychedelic experience around this movie.

I'm a sucker for folk tales. I love the absolutely unbelievable, grandiose ideas and scenarios they present, while offering no explanation or justification. It's a folk tale. That is the justification. This is a beautiful picture from Marcell Jankovics and Pannónia Filmmstúdió in Hungary. It's a tale I'm not familiar with, but it plays the same as many you'll understand. Son of the White Mare (that's what the name translates to literally) goes on a quest seeking to rip trees out of the ground and free three princesses who have been kept in the underworld. Pretty standard...

What is far from standard is the animation and sound design in this picture. It is a breathtaking, psychedelic masterpiece; full of colors both pleasing and grating. Nearly seizure inducing levels of movement and warping, everything so fluidly moving from one scene to the next. Lots and lots of sexual undertone, displays of masculinity and femininity, beard growing and shaving. At times it's like watching an episode of Dragon Ball Z (I mean that as the highest of compliments) or a SNES Street Fighter game. Except there are less rules in this fantasy world. The terrain changes, mountains get chopped punched in half, iron is made soft like clay. It's this sort of extreme fantasy that will leave you completely mesmerized for the duration.

My one regret is that I didn't watch this movie sooner in life. I would have liked to grow up watching this film. This is pure imagination fuel.