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  • Encino Man

    Encino Man

    - nugs, chillin, and grindage! the stoner4himbo dynamic i never knew i needed... but makes so much sense because both archetypes share the traits of not only harmless stupidity/wise foolishness but also an essential gentleness

    - this was my first live action pauly shore movie (he has only ever been bobby zimmeruski to me)... very strange... he calls biceps "bis"

    - michael deluise is so good and weird in this. he is the legendary "do i frighten you/would you like…

  • Monsters, Inc.

    Monsters, Inc.

    as a kid my favourite character was randall, the monster not only voiced by steve buscemi but ALSO by mads mikkelsen in the danish dub. my exquisite taste in men was present from a young age

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