Kiki ★★★★½

omg my mum ended up joining me for this and started asking me questions about trans stuff, pronouns, terminology etc. and we had a chat about it, she was really receptive and interested and it made me really happy and excited. i told her i loved talking to her about this stuff and loved that she was asking questions so she kept asking questions throughout, whenever she wasn't sure about something! it was such a beautiful experience, i explained to her why there's a Q at the end of LGBT, i explained they/them pronouns, and many other things... it just made me really happy and reminded me of the value of communication and education - and showed me how vital it is for the uninformed party to be eager to learn; to be interested! to recognise that they may be wrong. to be prepared to change their perspectives. the fact that my mother was doing all of these things was incredible. this was such a special movie experience for me. even little things were exciting (and this is really little, like, basic human decency, but considering my parents' upbringing and personalities it's exciting), for example, my mother talking about a trans woman and saying "she's such a beautiful girl"... using the correct pronouns, without me having to tell her! i know that's basic human decency and i'm not trying to applaud or make a big deal of it, it's just heartwarming to see my mum understanding and being so open. i'm really happy this evening. :') <3

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