Dance with the Devil ★½

The Run-On Sentence:
Madcap, playful and sadistic director Alex de La Iglesia is one of my absolute favorite modern directors but his third movie, Perdita Durango (or its boring US title, Dance With The Devil) has far too much of that last adjective I listed describing him and not enough of the first two, making this spinoff "sequel" to David Lynch's Wild At Heart (it's by the same author and minor characters cross over) dark and batshit like his other works but with zero of the usual heart, meaning not even the creative final scene featuring Bardem's character (which is seriously brilliant and would be highly effective if his character wasn't an irredeemable piece of shit I couldn't give two fucks about) can save this mean-spirited movie with a style and themes I love but far too many forced, 90s "edgy Indie cinema" cliches, featuring completely ludicrous actions done by all involved with little to no believable motivation or reason to care.

Alternate Title:
Natural Born Assholes

Take Aways:
"Police chief bad" so police chief get blowjob in his office with door unlocked so other cops can just walk in on him cuz police chief bad man do funny thing. White, sheltered blonde teenagers should be tortured and raped and it should be played for laughs cuz they're to blame for the oppression of all Mexican people...apparently. Even Bardem can't save a bad movie. Even your favorite directors have a bad movie or two.

Screamin' Jay Hawkins. Obviously.