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  • Five Element Ninjas

    Five Element Ninjas


    This was really the first martial arts film I've ever watched from start to finish. I would have to say I definitely picked the right one for martial arts week! This movie rarely slows down. It's almost two straight hours of nearly non-stop action.

    Seeing as this film was from the early 80s, it would be easy to put it down. But here's the thing, if my 8-yr-old self would have seen this in 1982, I'd have been practicing my…

  • The Thing with Two Heads

    The Thing with Two Heads


    2018 Cult Movie Challenge

    Week 1: JAN 01 - JAN 07
    Elvira Week

    "You jive!"

    At first, I thought I probably wouldn't care for this much. I was wrong. Very wrong. This was a fun film. Sure, the chase scene seemed to take half the movie, but there were plenty of trashed cop cars to help it along.

    Of course, this film has a lot to do with racism. Although it tries to deal with it in a lighter manner. If you can get past Dr. Kirshner (the white head), that is.

    And the music... hell yeah!

    This was a great start to #cmc2018!