Todd Liebenow

Writer at Forgotten Films. Producer and host of the Forgotten Filmcast. Puppeteer and all-around swell guy.

Favorite films

  • The Empire Strikes Back
  • The Wizard of Oz
  • Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
  • Raising Arizona

Recent activity

  • Pamela, A Love Story

  • Irrational Man

  • Daisy Miller

  • Twins

Recent reviews

  • All This and World War II

    All This and World War II


    I can only assume that a near-lethal cocktail of illicit substances are responsible for this truly bizarre "documentary." The thought of trying to tell the story of World War II through newsreel footage, old film clips, and cover versions of Beatles tunes is about as bonkers as they come, and yet this film ends ups being quite engaging and surprisingly coherent. The music, of course, ends up being the highlight of the piece. Artists like Elton John, Peter Gabriel, Tina…

  • Windrider



    Windsurfing didn't exactly take the world, or even Australia, by storm in 1986. Still, Windrider is a surprisingly charming bit of fun from down under. The film focuses on a cocky young junior excec named PC (Tom Burlinson). He's the boss's son, so life is pretty cushy and he gets away with using company resources to explore his wind-surfing passion. At first, PC is kind of a repellant character, but he manages to grow on you as the film sails…

Popular reviews

  • The Karate Kid

    The Karate Kid


    Really surprised at how closely they stuck to the original material. Thought both Smith and Chan were well cast. It was fun!

  • Project X

    Project X


    The art of film has reached a new low. I weep.