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  • mother!



    There are two camps for "Mother!"

    People are pissed and hate it because the marketing lied to them and they think Darren Aronofsky is a self-indulgent asshole who likes to hide too many metaphors in his films and he thinks very highly of himself and is a prick. Oh yeah, and the movie sucks and is too long and hey hate it because it's stupid.

    The other side loves the film for all the religious metaphors and the pure instanity…

  • Suspiria



    Thanks to the Chicago Film Society for bringing this to the Belcourt Theater in Nashville.

    Saw it with a first-timer and the quality was great, a little on the red side, but if anything it adds to the already stellar color palette used by Dario Argento.

    Even after 40 years, Suspiria still holds up as a great supernatural horror film. There are some odd little quirks about the film, but that just comes down to things getting lost in translation...literally,…

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  • Boyhood



    There isn't much to say about "Boyhood" that hasn't already been said. It's a gamble that turned into something transcendent, something pure, something honest, something universal. While I understand an audiences' apprehension about the "coming-of-age" genre, "Boyhood" is something else that goes that genre and creates an honest film about growing up. While film's portray growing up as something sensational and how just one life event will determine your entire future and the type of person you WILL become, "Boyhood"…

  • Get Out

    Get Out


    Considering this is a 104 minute horror film, there isn't a wasted all counts for something.

    Jordan Peele has created a genre piece that rivals anything a major studio is putting out now. Forget about what people are saying that a studio had "balls" to put out "A Cure For Wellness," "Get Out" is a truly ballsy release for a first time director and who someone might consider just half of a comedy duo.

    First off, Key & Peele put…