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  • The Mighty Quinn

    The Mighty Quinn


    Guess who's coming to dinner? It's Denzel with the best Caribbean accent you've ever seen.

    Revisiting this one is interesting, and while it has its fair share of quirks and issues, it's a lot of fun, with a dark sense of humor and some Sherlock Holmes-style twists.

    If you want to watch a young Denzel at the beginning of his career, this is a great place to start since it's not as heavy as "Glory" but before his turn as menacing, charming and unstoppable killing machine in films like "Man on Fire" and "The Equalizer." Plus, it has a ton of Red Stripe, Hooray Beer!


  • Half Nelson

    Half Nelson


    A few takeaways:

    1. Ryan Gosling is really good at what he does.
    2. Anthony Mackie is an underused actor who needs more work.
    3. Films like this change my opinion on child actors because Shareeka Epps is wonderful.
    4. It's awesome to see them play the explicit version of rap music at a high school dance.

    Oh, and yeah, "Half Nelson" is a film I regret taking so long to watch. Gosling's best OVERALL performance, even though I love "Drive."


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  • Boyhood



    There isn't much to say about "Boyhood" that hasn't already been said. It's a gamble that turned into something transcendent, something pure, something honest, something universal. While I understand an audiences' apprehension about the "coming-of-age" genre, "Boyhood" is something else that goes that genre and creates an honest film about growing up. While film's portray growing up as something sensational and how just one life event will determine your entire future and the type of person you WILL become, "Boyhood"…

  • Apt Pupil

    Apt Pupil


    This is one of those forgotten films in not only the Stephen King library, but also the Bryan Singer filmography.

    The subject material is lurid, and the performances of both Ian McKellan and Brad Renfro are slimy, creepy, and all together great.

    Definitely one of the better King adaptations in the past 20 years or so.