Andre the Giant ★★★★

I've gone through my wrestling phases in life. I'll always appreciate the corniness of the early 90s with their voodoo men, garbage collectors and sumo wrestlers, the Monday Night Wars made wrestling cool again, things got lost in the wilderness for a while in the early 2010s, but for some reason, I'm reconnecting all over again...who of thought.

I wasn't old enough to remember seeing Wrestlemania III when it was live and what a big deal it was in 'putting over' Hulk Hogan, but putting it in the perspective of modern wrestling and against the time when kay-fabe was still a closely guarded art, this was a bigger deal than most people might appreciate these days.

Outside of the ring, the Giant led a sad, painful and short existence, but he became a mythical figure beloved the world over. "Andre the Giant" might not the wrestling revelation that people will want, but it's a fascinating watch nonetheless.