Avengers: Infinity War ★★★★½

Marvel/Disney have truly created something special here. 10 years ago it took a gamble on a character called Iron Man ,directed by the guy that starred in 'Swingers" and featured Robert Downey, Jr. Now we have the biggest superhero film of all time in "Avengers: Infinity War" and I have to say with all the juggling they have to do in this one, and as someone who has professed superhero film burnout, this one jumpstarts my heart again...in a big way.

Having the Russo Brothers helm a film this big is a testament to how much trust Marvel have in the duo, and it addresses a lot of concerns people were starting to have about the MCU in general; no stakes, bad villains, trope after trope after trope...you get it.

We finally have a villain that matters and is dangerous. Thanos is the culmination of years of lackluster baddies in the MCU, and we have a bad guy with a story who can stand against "Earth's Mightiest Heroes," makes you question, and maybe even agree, with his motives, and feel a little empathy as well. He's just not another mustache twirler.

Also; this film has balls. It does things in just the last 7 minutes that really hit you. It makes you care again, it makes your heart skip a beat, it makes you feel like you're back in the theater six years ago when you watched the very first "Avengers."

Sure, people are going to still find issues with "Infinity War" but even me, the most skeptic of skeptic, are pretty hard pressed to say something negative about something that took a decade to get to where it was going. That's God damn impressive if you ask me.