Baby Driver ★★★★

Considering this was one of my most anticipated of the year, it certainly didn't let me down. "Baby Driver" is the first film I've seen so far this year that kept me engaged from beginning to end, besides maybe "Get Out" but that was for different reasons all together with that one.

In all honesty, this is by far Edgar Wright's 'least Edgar Wright' film, and that isn't all bad, but it does mark a departure from what most people will recognize, but it's a welcome departure and shows his range and growth as a director. He mashes up some of the best of "True Romance" "Fast and the Furious" and "Drive" and makes it work.

The cast is as hip as any cast in a Guy Ritchie film and moves at a lightning quick pace for it's nearly 2-hour runtime.

It's hard to choose who steals the show in "Baby" but the trifecta of Kevin Spacey, John Hamm, and Jamie Foxx make for a bulk of the film's highlights. But I could have done without a relatively bloated climax of a chase scene that just seemed like add filler, but that is a pretty minor quibble.

If you want an early escape from the early Summer Blockbuster dreadfulness, hop in the passenger seat and let Baby take the wheel.